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Is Your Marketing Collateral Ready for the Christmas Rush?

With Christmas just around the corner, retailers across the UK are busily preparing for the festive shopping period to begin. This means hours of planning for sales teams looking to create the perfect Christmas strategy, with marketing collateral such as packaging and point-of-sale a key consideration. Here we explain the importance of ordering festive marketing collateral as...
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Festive Packaging starts now!

Yes it’s August and I am about to mention the ‘ C ‘ word.  Well you have heard of Christmas in July right? Before you know it the shelves in the shops will be bursting at the seams with Christmas packaging and products. The festive shapes and colours will blur your vision whilst you try and...
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What Does Your Packaging Say About Your Brand?

Your product packaging is the first piece of brand exposure each customer will experience before even seeing the product itself. Therefore, it is important to carefully reflect on each element of your product’s packaging to ensure that it delivers a great first impression and an accurate representation of your brand, it’s mission and values. But with...
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Why Luxury Packaging is Here to Stay

With the global luxury packaging market expected to register a compound annual growth rate of 4.67% during the period of 2018-2023, it’s fair to say that luxury packaging is here to stay. When it comes to marketing and selling a product, packaging is just as important as the product itself. Not only does it act as...
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Design Tips for Your Subscription Packaging

Subscription boxes are currently dominating the market place, as companies quickly fill the gaps with convenient, bespoke subscription boxes. Whether it’s healthy eating, wellness products or dog biscuits, there will be a subscription for it. But with so many already on the market, you need a way to stand out. Great design can deliver functionality, convenience...
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Personalising Your Retail Packaging for Maximum Impact

Designed to create both a memorable and shareable experience, personalised retail packaging provides additional value for both you and your customers. There are many benefits to personalising your retail packaging, particularly for marketing perks. It can open your brand to a whole new market and create excitement around your products like never before. Here are our top...
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Why we love cardboard packaging

Cardboard packaging is all around us. From food and drink to general retail and freight, it’s used for most existing industries. Packaging doesn’t just need to transport a product and keep the item inside safe, it’s also used to help attract potential purchasers and sell more products. At The Packaging Experts, cardboard is our all-time...
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Why does colour matter so much when designing product packaging?

There are so many different elements to consider when we design product packaging for our clients, from size and weight to functionality and shape - but colour is always the aesthetic most keenly evaluated. Colour is important because it really can speak to a potential customer, meaning it can do more than any other element of...
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