5 Reasons Why Your Brand Deserves Bespoke Packaging

More businesses are beginning to see the value behind bespoke packaging, to enhance their marketing and customer experiences. With innovative packaging designs, you can reflect your brand in a way that the product inside cannot. Say goodbye to the days of standard brown boxes and read our top 5 reasons why your brand deserves bespoke...
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5 Membership Packaging Ideas to Help Grow Your Subscription Service

With consumer shopping habits edging towards simplified experiences, many businesses are seeing the benefits of offering a subscription service. Subscriptions with home delivery and direct debit payments provide a hassle-free customer experience and promotes repeat business. However, with so much competition in subscription services, you need to find your unique selling point. Creative packaging can have...
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Has Luxury Packaging Peaked?

With consumer concerns and buying habits changing, the luxury packaging industry has experienced a number of new challenges in recent times. As a result, it makes sense to ask the question, “Has luxury packaging peaked?”

Challenges for luxury packaging

One of the key elements of change affected the luxury packaging industry is the growth and development of...
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Great ideas for presentation packaging boxes

Creating a range of Presentation Packaging options for your products offers an excellent opportunity to showcase what your company has to offer. When designed and manufactured properly, this can be used to engage the key audiences your brand wishes to reach whilst developing a lasting affiliation with your product. Here we look at a few options to...
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Bespoke Cardboard Packaging: Why Being Different Matters

With so much competition in modern industries, there is a demand for more creativity. To create brand appeal above competitors, you need to be different, but it all starts way before the product itself, with your bespoke cardboard packaging. Here are three key reasons being different matters and what your brand can gain from bespoke packaging:


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Why packaging is as important as product

Retail is a fiercely competitive market where consumers have a wide variety of options and price ranges for most essential and non-essential items. Therefore, it is important for businesses selling their products to stand out from the crowd, meaning that effective packaging can be just as essential to driving sales as the product itself. Here we look...
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Creative Packaging Design Ideas for 2019

There are four key elements to packaging: attraction, branding, detail and functionality. Packaging design needs to be creative enough to attract customers and encourage them to complete a purchase. Throughout the design, your branding should be consistent and it should detail all of the relevant information. The functionality of the design should make it durable...
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Why Christmas Gets Us Excited About High End Packaging

Christmas is one of the most exciting times of the year for marketers, as it allows us to be creative with your seasonal campaigns. One of the best elements of Christmas is giving and receiving gorgeously wrapped presents. Therefore, many marketers choose to mimic this in their own PR campaigns. Gifting customers and influencers with Christmas themed...
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How Presentation Packaging Engages Customers and Endorses Your Brand

At the core of product packaging are the design elements which are going to drive your customer engagement. Presentation packaging is all about drawing in your target customer and endorsing your brand through visuals, language and the right marketing techniques. Your product packaging will be the difference between a passing by customer choosing your product over...
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