The importance of designing the right packaging

How you package your products can be make or break for your brand. Getting it right will make a lasting impression on your target audience, so don’t make it an afterthought.

Not only should your packaging protect your products during transit; it should make a visual impact that wows.

Unique design and thoughtfully selected materials form a vital part of your customer experience and tell your brand story. One size doesn’t fit all, so here at The Packaging Experts we create bespoke solutions that blend practicality with style.

We know why packaging design is important – and we’re here to help you.

Whether it be large quantities for major events, lower quantities for product launches, a special one-off box, welcome packs or bulk packaging for e-commerce products, count on us to help you maximise the major marketing opportunity that quality packaging presents.

What you need to know when designing packaging

When it comes to how to design product packaging, there’s lots to learn and understand. Unlocking the power of perfect packaging begins with asking the right questions…

  • What is the purpose of the packaging?
  • Does the shipment have internal structural requirements?
  • What quantity do you need?
  • Do you want messaging and branding on the packaging?
  • Do you want to include personalisation?
  • Which finish would you like?
  • What is your budget?
  • Are there recyclability / sustainability requirements?
  • How will the package/s be stored and transported?

Personalised packaging

What is the purpose of the packaging?

The primary factor influencing your choice of product packaging is going to be the contents. Packaging for fragile items, liquids, hazardous substances and perishable goods must meet specific criteria to be fit for purpose.

Destination is another key factor. The more miles your goods will travel, the more robust the packaging must be. Land, sea and air shipments all have their own packaging requirements.

Aesthetic appeal is important to most brands, but particularly if the purpose of the packaging is to optimise a launch or support a big campaign.

Does the shipment have internal structural requirements?

Outer packaging is the star of the show but what’s inside counts, too. You will need to consider which protective elements are necessary e.g. shredded paper, Ecoflo, tissue paper, bubble wrap.

Thinking beyond the practicalities, the internal packaging can also present an opportunity to display the contents in an eye-catching format.

What quantity do you need?

Mass mailing or niche campaign? Seasonal sales peak or a more modest forecast? The scope and scale of your packaging needs will have an impact on the type of packaging that will be most suitable and affordable for your brand.

Do you want messaging and branding on the packaging?

If you want your packaging to include particular brand messaging, words, images and logos, the chosen format will need to be made of appropriate materials and be of a suitable size.

Depending on your industry, the packaging might need to include a barcode, nutritional information, expiration dates, batch numbers or association marks. Find out what the requirements are so they can be factored into the design brief.

Do you want to include personalisation?

Customers who receive personalised product packaging are more likely to engage with your brand because they feel seen and appreciated. That engagement will convert to positive reviews, word of mouth recommendations, social media shares and repeat business.

When you outsource your packaging design and production to a packaging design company like The Packaging Experts, we’ll take care of all your personalisation requirements as part of our comprehensive service to you.

For example, we can create personalised interior and external packaging as well as including thank you notes, birthday messages, discount codes and much more.

Which finish would you like?

Memorable packaging is also about the finishing touches, so this is definitely something to consider when choosing your design.

The Packaging Experts is a packaging manufacturer and designer with the expertise and capabilities to produce packaging with a wide variety of beautiful and tactile finishes, including plain, glossy, and embossed.

Packaging finishing options

What is your budget?

 Plan your budget before you start the design process. Is this a premium or economy product or campaign? Cutting corners on packaging to reduce cost isn’t always wise if the stakes are high and the competition is tough. Remember, first impressions count.

There will be upfront one-time costs such as original design work, and print plate setup. Then there will be per-item costs, generally for materials and labour.

Are there recyclability / sustainability requirements?

Your sustainability objectives will influence the amount of packaging used and what it is made from. Reusable and recyclable options are more popular than ever.

We have extensive knowledge of planet-friendly sustainable packaging options and can provide ideas about how to minimise packaging without losing any impact.

How will the package/s be stored and transported?

 Packaging dimensions affect shipping and storage costs, so how items will be stored and transported will come into play when making packaging decisions.

For example, you can get approximately five times as many flat pack boxes on a pallet than a rigid design. Shipments travelling by air will have different criteria than those going by road or sea.

The Packaging Experts are here to help you make an informed and cost-effective choice.

Your guide to packaging costs and options

Once you have an idea of what you want your packaging to achieve, you will ask how much does product packaging cost? Budget constraints may mean you need help with how to reduce packaging costs.

Turn to the team at The Packaging Experts for the imagination and resources to help you create amazing packaging within your budget.

Here’s an example of our packaging costs for 3 different box options, based on a quantity of 500 units:

Click here to complete our questionnaire to help you decide what type of packaging is right for you and we’ll send you a no-obligation quotation with details of bespoke packaging options.

Warehousing, fulfilment and distribution at your fingertips

Once your perfect packaging is created, you’ll need somewhere to store it until you are ready to pack and ship your products and campaigns.

If you struggle with storage space, storage management and fulfilment resources, don’t worry. We’ve developed a solution to do all of this on your behalf.

Our rapid fulfilment service – SwagOnline – takes all the hassle out of warehousing, fulfilment and distribution. Simply order what you need at the click of a button and we’ll pick it, pack it and ship it for you.

To find out more click here to request a SwagOnline demo.

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