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CHX Distillers – Retail shipping boxes

We have designed shipping cartons in the past for this existing client and their range of products, this time they reached out to us because they had two new gin bottles on the market that needed a 6 bottle box for retail distribution. They were after a different design to easily distinguish this product from the others.

Protect the goods

Since we are dealing with glass alcohol bottles the box required a suitable corrugated box. We recommended EB flute which is around 4mm- 4.5mm thick, combines as the name suggests E and B fluting into a double walled material. Due to this grade it provides an excellent balance for strength and transit protection which they needed. We selected EB flute because printing on E flute side gives great results with minimal flute shadow compared to other double walled stocks. In addition to this we made cardboard bottle dividers to place inside to prevent bottles smashing against one another.

We modified the existing packaging artwork to suit the 2 new products Alpine Dry Gin and Alpine Strawberry gin. Since we had 2 very prominent pantones we sent samples of the corrugated material to show the client, they can then see how the ink has absorbed and see the finished product. This is essential for sign off, preventing loss of time and money before proceeding with the main production runs. As you can see the pink and blue are vibrant and reflect the products branding as intended.

It’s all in the print

During the print stage called Flexo printing, the pantones can absorb to the substrate and appear different than expected. During print stage we manipulate the colours with a tweek here and there, with our experience and meticulous approach we won’t settle for anything other than your other than your perfect pantone

Retail distribution ready

Pantone matches came out fantastic and client was pleased to proceed with 900 units for each flavour gin. This order was completed in around 5-6 weeks, this is not our usual lead time but this the sourcing of corrugated board and stocks has been affected by many factors such as Brexit, the pandemic and a huge change in consumer behaviour buying online so much more opposed to face to face.

We have considerable warehouse space here and we’re storing the order for the client which they can call upon on a demand basis, meaning we can keep an eye on their stock levels and saves them space in their premises.

If you have questions about your packaging or the packaging design process please contact us.

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