Bespoke packaging solutions are the core of what we create at The Packaging Experts.

Whether it is the slight modification of a standard FEFCO design or something truly unique.

Promotional Packaging

For those of you that are unfamiliar with packaging terms the FEFCO coding system contains almost 300 standard packaging designs mainly used for corrugated material but all of which can be adapted for alternative uses and materials.

For example most standard shipping cartons are FEFCO style 0201 and pizza boxes are FEFCO style 0429.  It is unnecessary for you to understand what these are and how they translate but if you present us with a packaging design based on an existing style which is a modification of a standard FEFCO design it is easier for us to estimate material usage and therefore a ballpark cost.

Innovative Packaging Solutions

We don’t stock unprinted boxes and add your logo.  Everything we manufacture for you we class as custom packaging as its made to order.  The reason for that is because we have made it with a view to develop an individual piece or family of bespoke packaging to meet your brief including materials, usage, target price and lead-time.

We have a huge portfolio of historical projects we have produced and we are in the process of adding these to our Flickr account so you can gain some inspiration for what we have produced in the past although we feel there is nothing better than a chat on the phone or a brainstorm at the office so we can talk through your requirement and present you with some solutions.

Luxury Presentation Case

If you decide you want some truly bespoke packaging and can afford to go the extra mile how about considering some of the following features which you can add to your packaging:

  • Video Screens
  • Sounds Chips
  • Scented Print
  • Materials such as Astroturf
  • Print Finishes

Luxury Promotional Packaging

Why not get in touch and put us to the test.  Call us now on 01256 352415 so we can discuss your next custom packaging project.  At the Packaging Experts we love a challenge!