Software and its associated packaging, duplication, consolidation and distribution requirements remains the cornerstone of The Packaging Experts business and as such we offer a wealth of experience in software packaging solutions.

Never forgetting the key objective of affording complete protection for your software product, consideration must be given to the following elements:

Software content:

  • CDs/DVDs – in cases or wallets
  • USB Sticks or Dongles


  • Size, quantity and weight of user guides or manuals

Software Packaging Slip Case and Binder


  • Cables, dongles, chargers that require fitments


  • Sales through retail outlets
  • Direct sales to customers
  • Business to Business trading

Typical Applications:

Retail Packs

For products destined for the retail shelf, the most common format is a standard tuck in top and bottom carton produced in folding box board.

Software Packaging

Business to Business

Our most popular software packaging option, particularly when being sent direct to the customer, is an 0427 or ‘pizza style’ box.

Software Packaging

High Value Software

For a high value product where a prestige, high quality look and feel is required we would always recommend rigid board, as using this material allows us to create a truly custom and often unique solution.

Luxury Software Packaging

There is a common mis-judgment that all software and audio packaging will cease to exist as everything moves over to download but consumers will always demand value for money and a positive purchasing experience.

For new software products that don’t carry the brand kudos of Microsoft or Adobe the only way to enter markets other than promotion of digital downloads is to have a meaningful retail presence. The Packaging Experts can provide eye catching packaging and brand consistent POS to aid your in-store promotion.

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