The Packaging Experts are always looking at packaging innovations and improving traditional processes to marry them with technological advancements.

We are always up for a challenge and would love to work on your next packaging project so feel free to put us to the test. With our design and manufacturing centre’s all under one roof we are perfectly positioned to push the boundaries of common practices to meet your needs.

Innovative retail packaging

Retail packaging in the modern world is mainly to encourage consumers to purchase and use the product. An eye-catching, innovative packaging design can really make a product look different from the competition around it, draw people in and promote sales. Whilst the overall design of the packaging is key, our experienced team of designers will also give consideration to storage, materials, practicality and performance to deliver the best retail packaging solution possible.

Metal Presentation Packaging

Innovative marketing campaigns

Although email marketing and online advertising have grown in popularity in recent years there is still a huge market for traditional mailing, therefore, it is important to make your marketing campaigns stand out from the moment they arrive. An innovative marketing campaign could consist of an unusual shape, size or design. We can even add textures, sound and scents to really capture the imagination!

It is our belief that high-quality short-run targeted campaigns achieve a much greater success rate than a ‘shotgun’ digital marketing campaign and most of our clients tend to agree with us.

Innovative Retail PackagingInteractive packaging solutions

If you want to really give your product the WOW factor, then making the packaging interactive is definitely the way to go. We have produced packaging with internal lights that only glow when opened, created direct mailers in the form of a puzzle, added heat reveal technology to a mug box and even included totally bespoke, Bee-shaped chocolates in a mailing campaign!

Innovative Packaging

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