Onboarding packs for new employees

Everyone likes to receive a welcome gift, so imagine starting your first day in your new job and receiving a Personalised welcome pack. We understand the importance of a first impression and this box is just one aspect. That’s why we have created bespoke packaging used for onboarding packs from small volumes to large quantities.

Welcome to the team onnboarding Box

You have complete control on the content for your box and we will make your box with that in mind. We can arrange and brand various awesome merchandise and if you’re stuck for ideas we would love to know more about your company so we can make appropriate recommendations. Just remember it doesn’t have to be serious, try asking your current employees what they would like to see. Fun and engaging is a winner too since these are the types of subjects and images that are shared on social channels. It’s more than an on boarding pack it’s a marketing strategy and represents what your company is all about.

Onboarding kits

Your Personalised Onboarding packs can include Personalised Branded notebooks, Employee Pass and Lanyard holder, Branded pens, USB’s, Company clothing, Drinkware, Power Banks, Wireless headphones, company policies and information packs. As you will see we have created packs with space for a laptop, phone, business cards, why not have this with a personalised mug and a packet biscuits.

Welcome pack

Every company is different so we understand the content and design of your onboarding kit will differ. We want to understand your goals and strategy to compliment your brand, after all the new employee onboarding kit is a marketing tool; it just serves a different purpose than most of your traditional marketing efforts, as it’s built to boost your employer brand. These are the sorts of images you see being shared on social media channels, thus endorsing how great it is to be part the team and in turn is a valuable piece of advertising.

Have a look at some of the kits we have put together here to give you an idea for content, now these can differ from industry to industry but we know we can deliver the perfect kit for your company. These can be just as effective for events or courses where you have delegates attending, they make a great welcome pack or as an item to take away after they have completed the course.

Onboarding kits

Speak to the team today about what you want from your new starter packs at The Packaging Experts  on 01256 352415 or sales@thepackagingexperts.co.uk