By understanding your needs we are better able to provide solutions that meet your expectations. The more we can learn about our customers such as their product range, services, goals and target audiences the better chance we have of delivering unique and effective results.

We pride ourselves on the ability to work closely with our customers and produce the perfect packaging design in terms of layout, colour palette and design elements that bring your concepts to life.

Our team is focused in creating stunning packaging design and graphics that can help build your company’s reputation.

The process starts with us listening to your requirements, we ask lots of questions and build a mental picture of what we this is going to be the best solution. We then decide on the ‘vehicle’, with so many materials to choose from we fine tune the list down based on the requirements, taking into account what the product is, how it is to be used and how it needs to be delivered.

We may feel a standard option is most suitable but in most cases we come up with a unique solution which is a variation on an existing style bespoke to the product in question. From there CAD drawings are generated and tested to prove the solution is sound. Up until this point we haven’t even thought about colour, graphics, typography and layout.

When creating exciting packaging designs we are always thinking about production, this helps us make sure the final print is the best quality possible. We apply trap, overprint and bleed as we go so there are no last minute delays in checking and preparing files for print.

We will provide a complete set of pdf proofs prior to any samples and production being started, giving you every opportunity to make changes and check the layout as we go.

Packaging design is always as personal experience and we like to think we deliver on all aspects when providing this service.

We would love to hear from you and to work on your next packaging project, so please contact us on 01256 352415 or email to arrange a free consultation meeting.