When you request a quote, you may choose perhaps 3 quantities such as 500, 1000 and 2000. When we issue your quote we may change the quantities slightly if we think that we can save you some money. We may quote for, say, 600, 1200 and 2000 simply because changing those numbers may just take you over a couple of price breaks and might make a valuable difference.

If you want a specific quantity and no more please tell us and we will of course accommodate you.

With printed work the quantities have a large bearing on the price. When you consider that the setting up of a print job may incur the same cost to print 50 as it would to print 1000, you can see that the unit cost will fall significantly as the quantity increases.

With some materials such as litho laminated cartons we can save significant cost on producing additional printed sheets and storing them for future call-offs.

For example, if you wanted 200 finished units it could be just as cost efficient to have 200 completed but to print an extra 200 sheets and store them for next time. This way you could well bring the overall unit cost down quite significantly.

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