Did you know that it is said that up to 80% of purchasing decisions are made at point of sale?  Think back, have you ever gone into a store to purchase one thing and you have ended up with several bags full of ‘impulse purchases’?

Product Packaging

Retail Packaging can mean so many things and there are primary, secondary and even tertiary packaging elements to most products.  If you think of a tube of toothpaste, the tube itself is the primary packaging.  The colourful cardboard carton is the secondary packaging, acting as a marketing tool to sell the internal product. Then finally, the tertiary packaging is the shipping carton, which sometimes doubles as a shelf display on top of its main role which is to ensure the product arrives in store with no damage.

Promotional Packaging

Retail Packaging has come under scrutiny in recent years and brand owners are looking to reduce the amount of packaging to avoid unwanted waste.  It is also very uncommon to find any packaging that isn’t recyclable.

Retail Packaging

It is very popular to find a secondary use for your retail packaging.  Do you have a secondary use for your packaging? Will it be that the inside of a carton is printed with an outline of the artwork so children can colour in, then send in images via social media? This also then introduces technology and retail packaging working together.  You will often find a QR Code on packaging which will take the consumer to a youtube channel or website containing recipes of recommendations on how the product can be used.



Promotional Packaging



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Innovative Retail Packaging


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