The Packaging Experts is strategically positioned in North Hampshire to meet the needs of Packaging London and the Thames Valley Corridor.

We service many clients in central London and the surrounding area so are perfectly positioned to provide you with a high level of service and personal attention whilst being able to do this at a cost which doesn’t break the bank.

Our London Packaging consultants are in the city most days of the week so it won’t be too hard to arrange a convenient time for a meeting at your offices to discuss your next packaging requirement.

In addition to our manufacturing capabilities, if required, our cardboard engineering and creative design rates are very reasonable as we don’t have the same overhead as many of the large London packaging agencies.  That said, we specifically design with your branding, shelf presence and manufacturing efficiencies in mind, so we are very unique in the creative arena.

Please visit our portfolio page to view some of our key projects or for a larger selection of our work please visit our Flickr page.  This may inspire you if you are confused about what you want to produce but after a brief chat with one of our London Packaging consultants and reviewing some physical samples I am sure you will know exactly what you require.

If you are unfamiliar with box styles and packaging materials we can run through your options in as much or as little detail as you desire.  We love packaging but don’t want to bore you with information on manufacturing techniques that doesn’t interest you.

We would love to hear from you and to work on your next packaging project, so please contact us on 01256 352415 or email to arrange a meeting with one of our London Packaging consultants.