• Corrugated Fishing Reel Box
  • Corrugated Fishing Reel Box
  • Corrugated Fishing Reel Box

Fishing Reel Box

The mission statement of The Fly Reel Company is a simple one:

“To design, develop and produce high performance British made fly reels”

This has been achieved through the use of cutting edge engineering materials including aerospace grade aluminium, titanium and high grade composites, combined with CNC precision engineering technology, to produce a reel which redefines quality.

We were initially approached by the Fly Reel Company to develop a bespoke packaging design, which would provide the benefits of a high quality retail packaging solution with the integral strength of a shipping carton.  It was also important to the client to ensure that the packaging would be produced in the UK.

Generally flexographic packaging is used as a low cost means for branding shipping cartons but as this project shows with a little imagination anything is possible.

We therefore developed a corrugated packaging solution printed using flexo technology, which can be manufactured in reasonable quantities.  The additional benefit of the solution created was that it can be stored flat and built as required in order to reduce the space required for storage.  A single euro pallet can hold up to 1,500 cartons.

For clients who have high run rates but limited storage space we can produce your packaging in larger quantities so you can enjoy economies of scale and then call off your packaging in manageable volumes.

For innovative packaging design and manufacturing please contact us via telephone on 01256 352415 or email us at info@thepackagingexperts.co.uk.  We look forward to hearing from you.




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