• Apple Crate Box and Lid
  • Apple Crate Box and Lid
  • Apple Crate Box and Lid

Paddy Power

We were contacted by Paddy Power in 2013 within months of the start of the new premier league season.  It was their intention to send out a very targeted marketing campaign to their top 20 clients which was to contain product being produced in Spain.

Due to the timescales involved we were unable to obtain a sample set of content and the client was unsure of the final sizes required.  This was worrying as we don’t like to work on any project without all of the necessary information, but the client was happy to sign a waiver to cover us incase the packaging turned out to be the incorrect size.

We carried on regardless and between us we estimated the optimum size to allow for the variable dimensions of the content and the largest size box that could be produced using a standard size printed sheet.

All 20 of the boxes and internal fitments were hand-made and delivered with weeks to spare and the client was overjoyed with the quality of the finished product and the speed it had been produced in.

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