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SkyTrak is the first personal launch monitor of its kind, SkyTrak is a realistic and real-time golf practice and play system. SkyTrak connects wirelessly to your iPad Air, then accurately captures and displays launch data and ball flight as soon as you hit the ball. You’ll see the ball fly and receive instant feedback on every shot.

After working with the client previously on retail packaging solutions for other products within their range we were already 90% of the way there.  Our only challenge was to re-size the packaging to suit the content.

The chosen solution was a litho lamination 0427 carton manufactured from a combination of E flute corrugated board and 150gsm silk paper which was litho printed in full colour and matt laminated throughout.

The 0427 style of box chosen is certainly one of our most popular box styles as it is a self-erecting, flat packed solution which doesn’t require any gluing for assembly.  Also as it is a flat-packed solution it ensures that bulk shipping and storage costs are kept to a minimum versus a paper over board solution.

To put this into perspective the internal dimensions of this box are 205x173x66mm which means as an 0427 style litho laminated packaging solution you would be able to fit 1,500 flat packed boxes onto a standard size pallet.  If you were to produce the same box as a rigid board alternative (such as a Clamshell) you would only be able to fit approximately 500 boxes per pallet.  This proves to be a significant saving on quantities of 10,000 boxes, flat-packed 0427’s would be a maximum of 7 pallets and the rigid alternative would be a maximum of 20 pallets!!

For all of your product packaging needs please contact us via telephone on 01256 352415 or email us at info@thepackagingexperts.co.uk.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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