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We were approached by well known confectionery company Storck, who have a UK office here in Basingstoke to create 2 luxury presentation boxes for one of their brands Bendicks. Bendicks have a long history and their success rests on their reputation. They use only the finest ingredients for their chocolate and the fact they have been around for more than 80 years shows they are still delighting their customers.

They were needed for a trade presentation and the clients brief was very specific, they knew exactly what they wanted the presentation case to house.  This made our job so much easier.

In our initial meeting with the client we discussed different material options to ascertain the clients requirements with regard to how the box should open, which products were to be included from their range and where they were to be positioned.

We decided on a very luxurious box and we used multi-layered foam which enabled us to present the different depth products at the same level when the box was opened.

The client provided the logo in the format required but we gauged and recommended the correct colour foil to ensure the presentation box was consistent with the products held within the box.

The client was very keen to include a flash of the corporate green colour into the boxes and we had investigated coloured foil options and coloured ribbon options but none of the standard colours were close enough to where we wanted to be.

It was at that point we discussed the option of printing a pantone matched green coloured material for the inner trays to bring some colour to the presentation case and it worked very well against the black box and the black foam. We were keen to get the colour match perfectly in line with their branding.

We recommended the material for the outer box which was a faux leather simulation and the grade of foam to ensure maximum grip around the products to ensure they didn’t fall out as the boxes were presented stood up like an open book. We had to glue the foam in position to ensure it didn’t fall out. We also made use of the ‘waste foam’ material to put inside the content to strengthen them.

In the end we produced 6 boxes for them, 3 were for a client presentation in Germany and a further 3 are for another large presentation. We had some fantastic feedback and the presentation was well received by their customer. They appreciated all the help and expertise throughout the project.

In addition to the packaging we personalised note books for the client using our in house foiling machine. Each box was then treated as a gift for the three stakeholders our client was presenting to.

For all of your Luxury packaging needs however big or small, please contact us via telephone on 01256 352415 or email us at info@thepackagingexperts.co.uk.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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