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Coco Pro

We were approached by a new drinks company with a requirement for packaging to present and deliver to their customers as samples.  They wanted us to create the box and fitment to safely hold two to three units of their drink.

The company, is Coco Pro and the drink, is a high protein coconut water. The drink built with purpose, Coco Pro set out to create a drink that provided both optimal hydration and recovery all in one. The combination of Pure Coconut Water and Whey Protein Isolate was the perfect combination to achieve this objective. Coco Pro contains all the electrolytes, minerals and protein you need to keep your body and mind performing optimally. This is why they can confidently call it the ultimate hydrating recovery drink.

The brief contained the dimensions, a rough idea on how many units from 400 to 1000 and most importantly that it was going to be posted out as samples. Without question it needed to be constructed from the right material to remain sturdy throughout transit and to withhold the drinks and a fitment just perfect to house them.

Once they had their new logo set, we had our artwork designer get to work on the designs and templates. We provided a number of options and the client chose the artwork which they felt best met their requirements.

The Packaging solution we recommended suited our client well and the material for the final promotional box was a two colour flexo printed, white corrugated cardboard box.

With the chosen Packaging produced in the UK we were able to offer a very quick turn-around and the client received 1000  boxes to hit the ground running to get these drinks well and truly into the hands of active customers.

So where can you get them?

You can get pick these drinks up at the following stockists, Holland &Barratt, Waitrose, Ocado, Gym Box, Equinox and Whole foods. Or why not order a starter pack directly from their website https://drinkcocopro.com/shop/

For all of your promotional packaging needs however big or small, please contact us via telephone on 01256 352415 or email us at info@thepackagingexperts.co.uk.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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