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Digital Subscription Box for Ordnance Survey

OS Maps approached The Packaging Experts for a subscription style box which acts as a gift perfect for a person who seeks adventure. The brief was called ‘’The Digital subscription’, a box was required to house the activation code and instruction guide which in turn enables the consumer to get access to OS Maps which works through their web browser to help them plan their next adventure. View high definition maps and aerial imagery, plot a route and print a map, save on a mobile or output GPX.

The Ordnance survey are the world leader of geographical information, developed from their strong performance as the national mapping agency for Great Britain. Knowing this, the box had to represent the strong professional image that is upheld by Ordnance Survey as well as reflect a company that has moved with the times.

At our initial meeting we presented them with a number of packaging solutions. We showed the range of materials, finishes and styles to compliment the OS brand. In turn OS Maps provided us with the art work for the box and with this provided our ideas on branding. We detailed how the box would look and feel as well as the impact on cost and manufacturing lead time.

The box was designed to mimic that of a standard OS map, this was to ensure that when this packaging reaches retail stores (only currently available online) the digital subscription products could sit side by side.

We provided a sample of the paper over board clamshell with chevron front and they couldn’t have been happier. The project was completed in a sleek 4 weeks which is unusual for this type of box but the project ran like a dream. We had a strict schedule with regular updates on both sides to thank for the success of the project.

All there is now to say is go and check out the New Digital Subscription!

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