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We were approached by Myne Cards who sell RFID Contactless Card Protectors. These stand out from most I’ve seen as they come with a piece of art on by English artist Beryl Cook, who was best known for her original and recognisable paintings.  Other images available are famous paintings from the National Gallery like Van Gogh and Monet.

Myne Cards are specifically designed to block a fraudster’s card reader, so the only time your contactless card is shared is when you want it to be. Myne Cards say they understand how valuable bank card data is and don’t want the ‘Seagulls’ taking your info.

With contactless cards and payments becoming more and more popular, a contactless card protector gives you piece of mind.  They even give their promise of “We will refund your Myne Card purchase if you are the victim of someone getting your details from your contactless card and using them to commit fraud while you were using a Myne Card”.

The clients brief was for retail shelving packaging to house the RFID Contactless Card Protector. Since the artwork on the protectors were in portrait and landscape this had to be considered when looking at the size of the packaging. They wanted a light weight cardboard which would also have a plastic film area to encase the card protector whilst being visible to the customer. They required a volume of 6000.

The art work was provided to us in the required format and then we set to work on the sizing. We created two samples for them, they were happy with the first set of mock ups. From there it was straight forward and production commenced. We met the brief and the timeframe and Myne Cards were really pleased with the outcome.

Where can I get my very own Myne Card?

You can buy of these on Etsy, Amazon, Beryl Cook shops and at Myne Cards Facebook and website http://mynecards.co.uk.

For your packaging requirements put us to the test contact us via telephone on 01256 352415 or email us at info@thepackagingexperts.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you.

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