Reev are an intelligent e-mobility company based in Munich who create fully individual automated charging solutions for electric vehicles. Reev requested our assistance in developing a packaging solution. It needed to be manufactured from sustainable materials and printed with vegetable-based inks and required to be fully recyclable.  The packaging solution needed to be designed to house any quantity of cards from 1 to 5. They needed 1,500 product boxes & 500 outer shippers. These cards are RFID cards which enable their customers to authenticate themselves at various charging stations, allowing the user to charge their car.

This packaging is the first tangible item along with a welcome note, the customer with receive from Reev. Understandably it was essential for them to optimise their customer experience with beautifully made, branded packaging.

We were able to fully complete this project over the phone and email from April – August with a final order being placed in September.


Once the manufacturing materials had been agreed on and a design was chosen, the client supplied content samples in order for our design team to manufacture a pre-production sample. The physical samples were sent to the client in Germany, where is was reviewed and approved by the client.  The final approval was swiftly received, and the packaging was put into production for a quantity of 300 sets for an urgent order and these were produced, fulfilled and shipped within 2 weeks.  Once the urgent batch was shipped our production team continued with manufacturing the balance of the order. This was completed and prepared for shipping 2 weeks later along with the outer shipping cartons and also a variety of bespoke letterhead samples which the client required for testing.

We chose the most appropriate colours to print based on the hex colours provided by the client and recommended the print finish to meet their environmental requirements.

The final packaging solution was completed with litho printed 2 colours plus gloss black fluted foiling.

We are now working with the client on a second project which will be a slight adaptation on the existing solution.  This means origination costs will be kept to a minimum and the existing outer shippers can be used for both projects.

“From the very start of the project, working with the Packaging Experts has been fantastic. Paul was incredibly helpful guiding us through the choices for packaging types, materials, and processes, and worked tirelessly to help us get develop the right solution. The result turned out perfectly and has been really well received by our customers.”

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