• Gravity Drinks SnowGlobe Gin
  • Gravity Drinks SnowGlobe Gin
  • Gravity Drinks SnowGlobe Gin

Gravity Drinks

Existing client Gravity Drinks approached us to create a new packaging solution to house their new Snow Globe Gin in time for Christmas shoppers.

They wished to emulate some packaging they had seen on another bottle so we set to work on the samples.  These samples did not give the desired result since their gin bottle was far larger and heavier.  They wanted the packaging to be direct printed and not duplexed (two printed sheets of board mounted together) so we then carried out extensive research and development over a number of weeks. It was agreed with the client that we would reduce the number of open sides on our packaging to two rather than three.  This helped with the heavier content and provided structural integrity whilst allowing in enough light to see the bottle artwork and gold flakes inside the bottle.

Nothing was left to chance

With regard to the artwork the creative was supplied by the clients’ designer but we took the design and converted it into print ready files.  This included running foil tests at a variety of font sizes to ensure the artwork would be represented exactly as per the clients wishes. It was imperative for us to check that the foil didn’t bleed or infill into some of the more intricate areas of the design.

They required the packaging in 6 weeks which was manageable, although we learnt from the manufacturing process that modifications in the design could speed up the process.  This will prove very useful for future re-prints as it is our understanding that quantities on re-prints will be much larger.

The end result

The finished packaging solution was 56,000 of 650 Micron WBFBB Printed Full Colour plus a Matt Film Lamination and Gold Foil Blocking. The top was a tuck in flap and an envelope base FBB Carton.

If you fancy seeing this beautiful bottle for yourself and trying the taste of Christmas visit their website www.gravitydrinks.co.uk  or visit your local Costco for the cleverly crafted tipple.

I am sure you’ll agree the illuminating bottle and gold leaf with the festive gold and blue packaging really sets it off nicely. Why not get one for you and one for a friend. Cheers!

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