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Yaldi Sweets

Yaldi sweets, what can I say you have to visit their website and read the “Aboot us” section.  They’re a sweetie company with banter! They possess all the sugar fuelled gift ideas and retro sweetie treats whether it’s a birthday, christmas or just because someone deserves a sugar injection. I think you will agree the Yaldi Sweets Bespoke Milk Carton is a great representation of their style too.

Yaldi required 500 units of two designs for a suitable packaging solution that fitted in with their childhood retro sweet theme. It was a very clear brief and we were able to provide a suitable packaging solution as well as the artwork to the clients specific need.  Since they are based in Glasgow we were able to complete the project via regular and detailed communication via phone and email.

The colours were already chosen and Yaldi said they knew they wanted the cartons to have a gloss film lamination.  It is always a great help to have a client who provides such specific detail. The bespoke Milk shake carton was created using a 650 micron cardboard.

Yaldi were very clear on how they wanted the artwork to look and we provided this for them but as Packaging Experts we made our suggestions to certain considerations such as the size of the panels required for the over-labelling. We ensured we had every eventuality covered even down to their delivery requirements. They wanted to make the boxes up so they could break the creases and do the sweet fulfilment themselves. Meaning we delivered the boxes with double-sided with tape to certain panels and the boxes supplied flat.

Feeling tempted? Go and have a wee look at their collection.

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