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Abscent Smell Kits

We were approached by registered charity Abscent who support people with anosmia which is a loss of smell and other smell disorders. They use shipping mailer style packaging to send out their smell training kits but required our help with a new solution.

The client needed to avoid their products being broken in transit as they had received many reports of broken jars inside the boxes. They had previously purchased boxes from a European supplier but the jars held inside the packaging came loose from the fittings and had subsequently broken.

Abscent contacted us on the assumption that the material needed to be more durable to offer greater protection. We arranged with the client to provide us with an existing sample of the current packaging so we could determine where the error lies. On receipt of the sample we very quickly realised it was the size of the box and not the material which was the problem.

The box that had been used was a standard stock box meaning it wasn’t made from scratch for the product and in fact was far too large for the content. It simply left too much space for internal movement and this movement lead to the product coming loose. The glass jars would rattle together and ultimately break during delivery. Therefore we took it upon ourselves to resize the packaging solution to suit the content and managed to create a box which is approximately 30% smaller. They client was thrilled with the bespoke packaging  solution and wished to go ahead.



The material reduction and elimination of future breakages will undoubtedly save the client both time and money. They required 7500 units in 3 weeks which was no problem at all. The same artwork was to be used but we ensured this was resized to our new improved smaller template. We made suggestions of the positioning of the internal instructions and the client allowed us to make the amendments on their behalf. Bigger is not always better and this exercise has really show that bespoke packaging really makes every centimetre of difference. Considering the product first and working outwards ensures corners aren’t cut, this turned out to be a successful money saving exercise with less waste all round. No more broken bottles and happier customers!

You can order these directly from their website shop Abscent.

Take away tip – When creating a product to market test out the delivery process. Send it to yourself so you can see first hand what your customers will receive. If you have a niggle with your packaging or something isn’t quite right or your product is getting damaged. Let us take a look, you might just need your very own bespoke packaging solution.

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