What Makes your Luxury Packaging Luxurious?

What Makes your Luxury Packaging Luxurious?

At this time of year when we’re all thinking about spending a small fortune on Christmas presents and enjoying the little luxuries in life, it’s the perfect time to consider what it is that makes your high-end products stand out and get recognised for the luxury items that they are.

Luxury packaging has a huge role to play in conveying that sense of splendour but what exactly is it that puts the ‘luxury’ into your packaging?

How it looks

Primarily you will grab consumers’ attention by the way your packaging looks. For high end products it is advisable to use more luxurious and high quality materials to make your product stand out from the crowd and make consumers feel special. Luxury packaging options to choose include pearlescent varnishes, holographic board or even glow in the dark print.

How it feels

The touch of a product or its packaging can give you the impression of luxury straight away. Textured or ultra-smooth materials can be used to give added effect and embossing or thermochromic heat reveal print to make logos, wording or product names stand out and be noticed.

How it smells

For certain products such as perfumes or high end cosmetics, the smell will be very important in making the product appealing. To add that extra element of luxury into your packaging you can add scented print which can include your own fragrances or a range of standard scents.

How it sounds

Another way to grab consumers’ attention is to pre-record messages and sounds and include these in your packaging. This can be another way of getting your marketing message across and will definitely help your product stand out from the crowd.

To find out what else can put the luxury into your packaging please contact The Packaging Experts today on 01256 352415.

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