Making the Little Details Count with Premium Packaging

No matter how large or small a package may be, creating a memorable customer experience should be the focus of its design. Be rid of your dull brown cardboard packaging and invest some of your time and marketing budget into premium packaging. Our premium packaging aims to please all the senses, to give customers a real...
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Give New Employees A Warm Welcome with Onboarding Packs

Employee onboarding focuses on integrating new people into your organisation. This allows new employees to settle into your team and quickly become confident and productive in their new job role. When onboarding new employees, a new starter pack can help them to feel at ease in their new position. Onboarding packs include a range of...
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Small Business Guide to Creating Great Product Packaging

With small businesses wanting to establish their name within a larger industry, marketing is key. However, when developing your marketing strategies, it is important to remember quality over quantity. This will help to deliver more meaningful, data driven, customer focused campaigns. Product packaging teaches us to do one thing we were always told not to: judge...
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Has Luxury Packaging Peaked?

With consumer concerns and buying habits changing, the luxury packaging industry has experienced a number of new challenges in recent times. As a result, it makes sense to ask the question, “Has luxury packaging peaked?”

Challenges for luxury packaging

One of the key elements of change affected the luxury packaging industry is the growth and development of...
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Great ideas for presentation packaging boxes

Creating a range of Presentation Packaging options for your products offers an excellent opportunity to showcase what your company has to offer. When designed and manufactured properly, this can be used to engage the key audiences your brand wishes to reach whilst developing a lasting affiliation with your product. Here we look at a few options to...
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Bespoke Cardboard Packaging: Why Being Different Matters

With so much competition in modern industries, there is a demand for more creativity. To create brand appeal above competitors, you need to be different, but it all starts way before the product itself, with your bespoke cardboard packaging. Here are three key reasons being different matters and what your brand can gain from bespoke packaging:


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Why Christmas Gets Us Excited About High End Packaging

Christmas is one of the most exciting times of the year for marketers, as it allows us to be creative with your seasonal campaigns. One of the best elements of Christmas is giving and receiving gorgeously wrapped presents. Therefore, many marketers choose to mimic this in their own PR campaigns. Gifting customers and influencers with Christmas themed...
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What Does Your Packaging Say About Your Brand?

Your product packaging is the first piece of brand exposure each customer will experience before even seeing the product itself. Therefore, it is important to carefully reflect on each element of your product’s packaging to ensure that it delivers a great first impression and an accurate representation of your brand, it’s mission and values. But with...
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