Packaging your products for the export market- some rules and regulations

Packaging your products for the export market- some rules and regulations

Much has been happening in the World, Europe and the UK in recent weeks. With the Referendum vote on June 23rd confirming a Brexit we doubtless have many more changes to come. Whatever is or isn’t happening, at the Packaging Experts we are fully conversant with the packaging requirements of our own as well as other countries and continue to remain up to date with changes to directives and laws. For example take EU member state’s packaging regulations for compliance and enforcement. Any company selling packaged products in Europe has to comply with these regulations so regardless of our future position in Europe we will need to make sure we adhere to these rules with our packaging.

However, this is in fact, a rather complicated area. Currently it is the case that there are significant legal differences between EU member states on compliance and enforcement. This means that a company exporting to several countries needs to be aware of these differences and obligations and ensure they are met in order to avoid harmful publicity and financial penalty. Ultimately it can be extremely time consuming and tricky to remain on top of so many individual changes.

These are the key areas for any company exporting packaged goods to consider:

Registration – the requirements for packaging companies and the payment of registration fees, differs across the EU member states.

Recycling – is a key area of packaging and this is certainly the case in terms of compliance. Packaging labelling requirements greatly differ between countries however, so it is necessary to be aware of all countries peculiarities.

Reporting – compliance and enforcement is another area that can differ between member states. Currently the UK (via the Environment Agency) publishes a detailed record of non – compliance – naming those who have failed to adhere to UK conditions. Penalties are high.

Whatever your packaging needs, at the Packaging Experts we have the expertise to supply what is needed. Call us on 01256 352415 for more details.

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