What is value for money, and do you feel you achieve it?

What is value for money to you?

Everyone strives to achieve it but I believe we all have a different perception of what it means.  Are we looking for the biggest quantity for the lowest price?  Are we looking for something that will outlast the competition? or are we simply looking to feel as if we have saved some money?

Did you know many retailers will hike up prices just so they can discount them?  They do this because they understand consumers are always looking for a deal and although this is, in my opinion unfair, unethical and should be outlawed it happens all the time.

You don’t really notice it happening until you are watching the price of an item over a long period of time.  Whether it is a new piece of furniture, a new freezer or some new tools required for a DIY project, I have seen it many times.

I honestly believe that feeling you have achieved ‘value for money’ is now one of the biggest single factors in a purchasing decision.  We take for granted that the goods or services we buy are products by law and we know that if they aren’t fit for purpose they can be returned (in most cases) so it is now just down to the question of are we getting a good deal.

I would be very interested to hear your thoughts and feedback on this blog post as I feel very strongly about this and would love to know what you feel constitutes value for money for you or indeed how you adapt your sales pitch to present value for money to your clients and prospects.

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We look forward to hearing from you.

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