What Does Your Packaging Say About Your Brand?

Your product packaging is the first piece of brand exposure each customer will experience before even seeing the product itself. Therefore, it is important to carefully reflect on each element of your product’s packaging to ensure that it delivers a great first impression and an accurate representation of your brand, it’s mission and values.

But with so many elements to consider during the design process, what does it all say about your brand?


When it takes as little as 20 seconds for shoppers to decide whether or not they will purchase something, colours can play a big role in persuasion, as they can all have different meanings.

  • Blue is often associated with the financial market and security, so is used by a lot of banks.
  • Black is a strong, sophisticated colour and is therefore used on a lot of luxury packaging
  • Pink and purples are used to market to females, typically in the health and beauty aisle.
  • Yellow is used to draw shoppers in to promote offers and sales, whereas red is used to promote more urgent deals, such as clearance sales.
  • Orange is used for a lot of online call-to-action buttons, to persuade people to buy or subscribe.


Even your packaging material can say a lot about your brand and values. As consumers begin to become more environmentally conscious, recyclable material can both put your brand in a positive spotlight and be the difference in a shopper choosing your product over a competitors.


Reusable packaging can be a big selling point and can represent your brand really well. For example, adding puzzles and activities to children’s toys packaging, adding beauty tutorials to bulk makeup packaging or making it durable and presentable enough to be used for home storage. All these can assist your products or provide additional services to promote your brand even further, no matter how big or small the function.

Unique Finish

When the shelves are filled with standard boxes from competitors and shoppers only have limited time to scan through them row by row, it’s important to make your box packaging stand out. A uniquely shaped box that requires a little extra shelf space, an unexpected finish or colour incorporated into the design or untraditional labelling can all be ways to separate your brand from competitors.

Remember to complete thorough research to spot a gap in design to be as effective and persuasive as you possibly can to appeal to your target customers.


The offers and promotions you choose to advertise on your packaging can transform your brand message completely. Offering to donate a percentage of profits with every sale can be great for demonstrating corporate responsibility, promoting student discounts can draw in your target market or offering a huge discount can provide a competitive advantage.

When promoting deals, ensure they are visible and elegantly presented on packaging so they are both noticeable and appealing to shoppers passing by.

More Information

At The Packaging Experts we specialise in designing and manufacturing professional and high quality packaging, to help your brand impress on first encounters. We offer a range of bespoke packaging, all which can be catered to your product and campaign requirements.

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