What packaging is right for me and how many should I order?

We are often contacted and asked what the minimum quantity of boxes we can produce is.  The short answer is we can produce as many or as few as you require.

In the past few years we have produced thousands of packaging projects each ranging anywhere from a single unit proof of concept up to larger business to consumer direct mail campaigns with the largest at 1,670,000 units.  Most projects have a quantity requirement between 500 and 5,000 units.

The most important part of any project is the initial specification and planning.  If you can share with us all of your technical and branding requirements we will provide you with a variety of packaging options.

When planning your next packaging project please consider the following:

  • Design – this will help us choose the right style of branding for you based on the overall size of box and quantity required.
  • Function – we can determine if the box needs to have integral strength to survive journeys via courier or mail services or if you require a carton for display purposes or to be delivered in person the aesthetics may be more important than the materials.
  • Size – what size does your packaging need to be? Do you know the most efficient internal layout and dimensions to help reduce the cost of your packaging?  If not, we can help.
  • Budget – we can determine what will be possible (if anything).  We understand that many new clients have no idea how much to allocate to packaging but there is always a figure in mind.  We can offer consolidation of additional services such as print, fulfilment, storage and shipping to bring all associated costs into a single source solution.
  • Quantity – each new project is different to the last but a common occurrence for new projects is that smaller quantities are often produced at the outset to perform test marketing.  Once feedback is received and any required amendments are made full production can begin.  Economies of scale can then be enjoyed by producing in bulk.
  • Lead-time – when do you need your packaging?  The greater lead-time allowed for manufacturing the cheaper it will be.  This can be down to many reasons from special making of raw materials to more efficient production methods and cost effective shipping methods.

If you would like to arrange a packaging consultation please email us at info@thepackagingexperts.co.uk.

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