Why does colour matter so much when designing product packaging?

There are so many different elements to consider when we design product packaging for our clients, from size and weight to functionality and shape – but colour is always the aesthetic most keenly evaluated.

Colour is important because it really can speak to a potential customer, meaning it can do more than any other element of packaging design to engage and encourage an individual to make the vital steps toward making a purchase.

Here we list a few key reasons why colour is so important when designing product packaging:

Amplifying brand identity

Branding is an essential part of marketing, with corporate colours offering an instant link in the mind of a customer to the products offered by a company.

Brand familiarity also plays a large part in encouraging repeat purchasing and helps consumers to align each of your products with others within your range, a method used successfully by big global brands such as Coca-Cola.

Colours that suit products

 Colours evoke different reactions from each and every one of us, so whether your business sells cosmetics or hand tools, the right colouring can help to engage and attract a target audience. Suitable colouring really can be used to appeal to a range of demographics, from age and gender to geography and income.

Standing out from the crowd

In a crowded marketplace, colouring really can help to distinguish your products from those of your competitors. This doesn’t always mean being the brightest and boldest on show, but choosing a colour scheme that is unique and innovative can play a large part in enticing a potential customer at first sight.

Looking for assistance with your product branding?

Here at the Packaging Experts we understand the impact that your brand, packaging and promotional colouring can have on product sales figures, so we offer high quality packaging and branding services tailored to the needs of our clients.

To find out more about our range of product packaging services and trade marketing solutions, please get in touch with our friendly team on 01256 352415 or email at info@thepackagingexperts.co.uk.

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