5 Ways Brands Can Be Innovative With Their Packaging in 2015

The way that we connect with brands today is constantly changing. As we move forward in time, packaging design grows to be more challenging, but also more innovative and exciting than ever before. Packaging is a more powerful marketing tool in 2015 than ever before, so it is essential that brands make the most of their opportunity to catch the consumer’s eye and win their allegiance and custom.

In a world that is dominated by brands, there is a monumental amount of choice; in some cases, this can be too much information for the consumer, which only leads to confusion. Brands must make use of their packaging to make the buying decision much simpler. This means that instead of hard selling, brands must now think more about helping consumers, forming more of a relationship. Branded packaging is a good place to start.

This is where design is so important. Well thought out design can have a huge impact; packaging designs must be up to date with culture and meet consumer needs in a way that is innovative and relevant. With the evolutions of design and packaging technology, combined with an understanding of using sustainable materials, packaging can be a powerful medium in 2015

Here are 5 ways that brands can be innovative with their packaging solutions this year:

1 – Recycled materials and recyclable materials

With a growing interest in using sustainable materials and lessening the impact on the environment, it is important that brands look to present themselves as environmentally friendly in 2015. By using recycled and recyclable materials for their packaging, and making this known on the box, brands can massively increase their reputation as an environmentally concerned organisation. Consumers are increasingly drawn to brands that embrace recycling, as it helps them to feel that they are having a positive impact on the environment.

2 – An increase in the use of biodegradable and compostable packaging

In the past, even if outer packaging was made from completely biodegradable materials, in many cases, inner packaging and cushioning was often made from polystyrene and a range of plastics. In 2015, it is expected that an increasing number of brands will look to make use of biodegradable and compostable materials for inner packaging. Two of the newest alternative packaging materials that have begun to appear on the market more frequently are bamboo and mushroom, both of which are completely biodegradable and compostable.

3 – An increase in personalisation

In 2015, consumers are looking for more than just a product; they are looking to buy services that will help them and improve their lives. This provides a great challenge for brands – they must now think more about what services their products provide and how they can be of more service to consumers. By building up relevant data of the consumer market and their needs, brands can then look to personalise their packaging solutions to be more targeted towards different consumer markets.

4 – Innovative shapes

With ever evolving packaging and design technology, in 2015 brands will increasingly look to challenge traditional perceptions of packaging shapes. By creating innovative new packaging structures, brands can stand a much better chance of standing out from their competition, and appealing to new consumer groups.

5 – Engaging and sharing stories with the consumer

With the growing focus on omnichannel marketing, brands must focus more than ever on creating a complete consumer experience, online and in-store. In 2015, brands will look more to create a single written narrative across all bases, from their website, social media accounts, location, through to packaging design, creating a strong connection and engagement with the consumer, ensuring that the journey to sale is a seamless experience, no matter which way the consumer gets there.

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