Christmas Packaging Tips

Christmas Packaging Tips from our Experts

As experienced cardboard engineers with expertise in the field of packaging, we know a thing or two about presenting things, which is why we thought it highly relevant to share our tips and views on Christmas packaging – just in time for your own marathon, late-night wrapping sessions!

Trust in humble cardboard

You can’t go wrong with a cardboard box – and we should know as we’ve been working with them for years! Whether you are sending parcels overseas or just wrapping up gifts to go under the tree, there is no better way to protect your gifts and keep your recipient guessing than by putting the items into a cardboard box. It is hard for present-snoopers and inquisitive kids to guess what’s inside when the present is a regular shape (even though it may be disguising something really unusually-shaped inside!)

Of course, the best thing about using cardboard boxes to put your presents in is that they are easy to wrap. Even the self-confessed useless wrappers or those who find it hard to get motivated about Christmas wrapping will find covering a box in festive paper relatively simple and stress-free.

When size matters

If you’re lucky enough to be receiving a large present this Christmas you probably won’t mind that it doesn’t come gift wrapped. After all, how many parents have seriously tried wrapping a bicycle on Christmas Eve? Surely there are more important things to be doing like drinking sherry and singing carols around the tree? Our advice would be to keep the big presents until last and hide them away in the garage, car boot or even at the neighbours until the last minute and the grand unveiling. You can always add a nice big bow and gift tag just to make sure the recipient knows it is for them!

Pack and post

If you’re sending presents in the post remember to package well as you don’t want items to arrive damaged or broken. The best thing to do is wrap the item in Christmas paper first and then use several layers of bubble wrap to protect it in transit. Use a box or bag that is adequately sized for the parcel as you don’t want to risk it splitting and ruining your gift.

Don’t forget to check with the Royal Mail or your local couriers for their last posting dates.

And, that’s a wrap…or is it?

Now that you have the presents all wrapped up, that’s the packaging side of things done for this year isn’t it?


You still have the frustration of getting into difficult packaging once the presents are opened on Christmas Day. Generally children’s toys are the worst offenders – how the manufacturers envisage anyone under the age of 18 and not armed with knives, screwdrivers and all manner of weaponry can get into some of the packages we’ll never know!

Have fun with your Christmas wrapping and let the packaging force be with you on Christmas Day when faced with those tricky plastic packages and ties.

We look forward to updating you again with more news in the New Year.

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