Act now to guarantee perfect Christmas Packaging!

Here at The Packaging Experts we offer a fantastic range of products perfect for the busy Christmas period. Here we list some of the key festive packaging solutions you should consider in the coming weeks:

Brand Packaging

If you’re looking to establish your product in the market this Christmas, it’s important that your branding is spot on! We understand that branding is the art of consistently communicating your company’s values and product information, so our expert design team work hard to produce packaging that helps to showcase your business values and the virtue of your products.

Luxury Packaging

Christmas is a special time of year when your product will most likely be purchased as a gift, so your packaging will probably require a little bit of star quality! Whether your premium packaging is designed for retailing your product, to present samples to prospective buyers or as a short run of promotional special edition pieces, we can develop a tailored, cost effective solution with your brand in mind.

Promotional Packaging

Promotional packaging is all about making your product or marketing campaign stand out from the crowd, and what better time than at Christmas! We work with our clients to develop highly recognisable visual marketing campaigns that speak to retailers and consumers, with bespoke design for festive packaging one of our most popular services!

Retail Packaging

We recognise that Christmas is the most competitive time of the year for retailers and this is backed up by statistics stating that up to 80% of purchasing decisions are made at point of sale. Here at The Packaging Experts we understand what impact your brand, packaging, position and promotion have on your sales figures, and work to develop perfect seasonal solutions.

To find out more about our great selection of bespoke packaging solutions, please call our friendly team on 01256 352415.

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