Why there is still room for improvement for online retail packaging

It’s great to be part of an industry that isn’t afraid to ask consumers what they think of our products and services, and the look to make improvements based on the feedback offered by our customers.

A great example is the recent survey commissioned by Macfarlane Packaging1, who worked with 165 different retailers to find out what potential customers felt about the quality of the packaging they used to deliver online orders.

Shoppers were asked to share their opinion on a range of criteria, including the ‘appropriateness of the outer packaging size, the durability of packaging, the ease of opening and the amount of packaging materials used’.

The results found that there is still plenty that we can do to improve the standard of packaging presentation for online retailers, with the following key statistics offering food for thought for designers, manufacturers and retailers alike:

  • 38% had no branding on the packaging, inside or out
  • 30% did not reflect the ‘value of the brand’
  • 30% had no returns information
  • 15% used too much packaging
  • 6% didn’t use enough packaging
  • 20% provided a poor fit for the product
  • 5% were not easy to open
  • 4% were not easy to dispose of
  • 7% of products arrived broken or damaged

These findings show that changes must be made in key presentational areas such as the how packaging shows information, branding and portrays value, but also how important improved design can be to solve issues such as over-packaging.

The survey revealed that only 12% of participants were ‘absolutely delighted’ with the standard of packaging they received, the industry must take that as a challenge to improve and innovate.

Here at The Packaging Experts we understand the need for refinement and precision. Our team of vastly experienced industry experts work across a range of disciplines including design, production, sales and marketing to help produce the very best outcomes for our clients.

We specialise in bespoke designs that will suit any volume and any budget, with in-house structural and creative design capabilities allowing us to create perfect retail packaging solutions.

If you would like to talk about improving your online retail packaging, please contact the friendly team at The Packaging Experts on 01256 352415.

1 – printweek.com/print-week/news/1162138/still-room-for-improvement-in-online-retail-packaging




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