Creative Retail Packaging Solutions

Top Tips for Creative Retail Packaging Solutions

No matter what your product is, don’t underestimate the importance of retail packaging; it could make or break your product, if not your company. Big name brands use up massive allocations of their marketing budget to make sure they get all retail packaging solutions just right. Even if you are a much smaller business, with nowhere near the budget of big brand names, this doesn’t mean you can’t beat your competition. Just think big at a smaller scale.

For any retail company, even when times are tough, don’t think about making cuts on your packaging budget. When funds are low, this is the time that you need to sell the most, so lessening your packaging spend and making your products less visible is a bad idea. Retail and point of sale packaging is a vital part of your marketing strategy, in many cases, the part that seals the deal and gets the consumer to make the purchase. To make your sales, you need to get the customer’s attention.

Here we look at some creative ways to make maximum impact without having to break the bank on your retail packaging solutions:

Shape and Material

In most cases, similar products have similar shaped packaging. By deciding to use a different shaped packaging to the accepted norm, your product will immediately stand out from the others on the shelf. Interesting shapes can see your products leave the shelves very quickly.

You can also distinguish your product by using different packaging materials. Rather than matching the traditional cardboard designs of your competitors, look to use a more eye catching material that is less frequently seen. Retail packaging material can make a powerful statement that will naturally attract interest from customers.

Sustainable Materials and Features

With the emphasis on being environmentally friendly, you can show your customers that you care by using sustainable materials. They will then, in turn, feel good about buying your products. Using sustainable packaging that emphasises that it is recycled or fair trade will help your product to stand out from competitors. You may feel that using sustainable retail packaging is just jumping on the bandwagon, but this does not take away from the environmental impact that you will make, and consumers will be drawn to this.

Functional and Practical Packaging

Your creative retail packaging design might look great, but is it practical? Make sure your packaging not only protects your product and looks aesthetically pleasing, but is it suitable for the retail shelf. With some products, particularly foods, you may even be able to create packaging that can be used time and time again, for example, bags that can be re-sealed, or jars that can be refilled. Customers will look for value for money, so if you can offer them something extra in your retail packaging, they will be drawn to your product.

Tell Customers about your Product

It is very likely that your product will be displayed next to similar products in the shop, so it will be clear what your product is. Rather than spelling this out, focus on telling customers more about your product and what makes it unique. Be bold with your designs and make your product’s selling points stand out.

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