Design Tips for Your Subscription Packaging

Subscription boxes are currently dominating the market place, as companies quickly fill the gaps with convenient, bespoke subscription boxes. Whether it’s healthy eating, wellness products or dog biscuits, there will be a subscription for it. But with so many already on the market, you need a way to stand out.

Great design can deliver functionality, convenience and uniqueness for your brand and your customers. However, to achieve this there are many elements to consider, starting with our top tips:

  1. Bigger Isn’t Always Better

When deciding on the size of your packaging, don’t think the bigger the better. When customers receive their subscription box they want to know they’ve got their money’s worth with a filled box, not something that looks half empty.

Shrinking package sizing will also help reduce shipping costs, which are usually passed onto your customers. So, keep the cost low for you and your subscribers with minimal packaging.

  1. Brand Recognition

Allow your customers to get excited as soon as they see your branded parcel arrive at their door. Also take this opportunity to be creative with your design, to create something exciting and Instagram worthy. For example, personalisation, quirky illustrations, bright colours and themes.

  1. Functionality

Your box doesn’t have to be an ordinary box. Maybe there’s something you can do with the design to make it practical for after delivery? Maybe a puzzle board, small storage unit or something that can be used alongside your products.

Not only does this help reduce wastage, but it means customers are getting more for their money and your brand has a competitive advantage.

  1. Choosing Between Bespoke or Traditional

Some businesses prefer classic cube boxing for convenience and simplicity and then personalising it with their branding. Whereas other businesses like to think outside the box and go for a unique shape or a material other than cardboard for a bit of wow-factor.

Whatever your preference, you can guarantee that our team at The Packaging Experts will deliver. We have worked with many established clients, all with their own design tastes, targeting a variety of audiences and have met their criteria every time.

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