Personalising Your Retail Packaging for Maximum Impact

Designed to create both a memorable and shareable experience, personalised retail packaging provides additional value for both you and your customers.

There are many benefits to personalising your retail packaging, particularly for marketing perks. It can open your brand to a whole new market and create excitement around your products like never before.

Here are our top three benefits of personalised retail packaging:

  1. Offering a Premium Service

When offering a personalised service, especially for a product that isn’t usually customisable, it can provide your brand with a competitive advantage.

Personalisation can increase product value as it becomes a lot more sentimental and personal to customers. It will attract more shoppers to your website and encourage them to complete the full buyers journey, often leading to higher levels of website traffic and increased conversions.

  1. Make Your Event Memorable

Personalised packaging also works great as event memorabilia. The trick is to personalise something that is considered an everyday essential, such as a pen or coaster, so visitors have a constant reminder about your event.

This will encourage attendees to recall the event and the great experience they had with your brand every time they use the memorabilia and persuade them to use your brand in the future.

  1. Making the Customer Feel Special

Remember how excited people got when they realised they could buy Coca Cola drinks with their names on? Customers felt so special when finding their own and friend’s names on a drinks bottle that they would be quick to share it all over social media and purchase them for the novelty factor. To people with more unusual names it also became a game to find theirs.

Now imagine getting the same reaction over your products with a bit of personalisation. It could start off as something small with a selection of popular names and then grow into an online store where you can request specific personalisation’s.  Or it could just be a general service for those who want to make gifts extra special.

Overall, adding value to your products through personalised retail packaging can expose your brand to a much larger audience. It can also act as a major influence on customer buying behaviour and help you gain a competitive advantage over others within your industry.

Inspire customer loyalty by enabling people to create something special that they can cherish and share always.

Here at The Packaging Experts we provide a variety of styles for personalised retail packaging. For more information visit our website or call us on 01256 352415

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