Five Obstacles to Overcome in your Packaging Design

So you’ve got a great product to launch, now you just need the packaging that will help it to stand out from the crowd.

The packaging design process can be a stressful one as you want to ensure that it fits in with your brand, conveys your marketing message and attracts the right audience.

If you are having difficulties at the design stage, here are five obstacles that you need to overcome in order to get your packaging design right:

1) Building ideas without doing your homework – to arrive at great packaging you first need to analyse where your brand is, where it is trying to get to, who your potential audience is and which competitors might stop your product from reaching them. You can overcome the obstacle by spending time on research, analysis and getting a better understanding of your ideal consumer.

2) Being blinkered – it is also, however, possible to be too narrow in your packaging design and by that we mean focusing too much on your ideal audience and neglecting everyone else. Every product has an intended target market but it’s important to consider that if your design ideas are way out there, they won’t be too niche to sell well.

3) Ignoring the other aspects of packaging – yes, packaging design is really important as it is what will make your product stand out and appeal, however looks aren’t everything. If you neglect the functional aspects of packaging in the design process – such as size, storage and ease of handling – you may cause costly problems in your supply chain.

4) Designing for the sake of it – sometimes we come across packaging that has been over-designed and it just doesn’t work. Simple can be very effective if it aligns well with your overall brand ethos and you get all the elements just right.

5) Losing sight of your brand – when you hand packaging design processes over to an agency it is accepted that they may not quite understand your brand quite like you do, but what’s best for your brand should be at the heart of their design solutions.

If you need help overcoming your packaging design obstacles why not call in the experts? We spend time understanding your needs so we can translate this into the best possible packaging design for your products – find out more by calling our team on 01256 352415.

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