Get Ahead Of Your Competitors This Christmas By Planning Innovative Seasonal Packaging Early

It may seem way too early to be having to think about Christmas, but for many businesses, the festive season starts here.  Now is the time to start designing and manufacturing seasonal packaging for all sorts of products, as savvy business owners will understand that appropriately designed packaging can really help to spark product sales.  Here are our top tips to consider when designing seasonal packaging for your product:

  • Don’t limit the shelf life – if you go for a Christmas theme then you will undoubtedly find that your product sales will drop after 25 December. Instead, go for more of a winter theme, which will give you an extra couple of months’ shelf life.
  • Create packaging which is a bit different from the norm and will give the customer a little extra.  For example, one body care manufacturer created a gift box for its products which once no longer required for use, could actually be placed in the ground and would grow a spruce tree.  Whilst we’re not saying that you need to give tree seeds to all of your customers, providing them with some packaging which they can keep and reuse is not only practical for the customer, but also helps to reinforce your brand awareness.
  • You might even want to go as far as changing your actual product slightly in order to give it a seasonal theme.  Who remembers Marmite Gold which contained edible gold flakes, or Cadbury’s Snow Bites?
  • Perhaps your product lends itself to being personalised – you may not want to provide this service all year round, but personalised gifts can be hugely popular at Christmas time.  You could keep costs down by simply printing the person’s name and a short message onto a high quality label which can be placed onto your product, or you could go a little further by engraving your product with the recipient’s name and brief message.

As more and more business owners are seeing the importance of having seasonal packaging for their FMCGs, it’s vital that they think outside the box in order to create packaging which will stand out from the competition.  If you want to create some seasonal packaging for your product but you’re not sure where to start, why not get in touch with our packaging designers?  Visit The Packaging Experts website to find out more.

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