Top 3 Tips for Presentation Packaging

Packaging is extremely important. As well as being designed to prevent your product from being damaged during transportation and retail, packaging is very often the first glimpse that a potential customer has of your product. If you are looking to design or commission some presentation packaging, here are some key tips that you should follow:

Have a clear message

It is essential that your packaging has a clear and precise message that will automatically draw the customer’s eye. Whilst the ‘less is more’ approach to design is important, it is important not to forget your key message, which should be short and straight to the point rather than littered with complicated jargon. A clear message is designed to get the customer’s attention, whereas an excess of information can have the complete opposite effect.

Whilst you may find it important to include a lot of information, you should note that a customer will not look at presentation as closely as you do. In order to make the most of your unique selling points, you should present key information in different levels to emphasise their importance and keep the customer interested.

Your brand gives customers confidence

Be sure that your brand is prominent on the design of your packaging materials. Consumers are always much more confident in buying something when they feel some familiarity, so it is essential to make sure that your brand is consistent with your other products and materials.

If your product is the first to feature your brand, simply by printing your presentation packaging with a clear, professional looking graphic logo that represents your brand and product well, customers will automatically be more confident that your brand is well established and trustworthy.

Make first impressions count – choose the right materials

By choosing quality packaging materials, potential customers will believe that your product is also good quality. Packaging experts can help you to select the right materials to best display your product. When designing your packaging, you may also decide to choose materials that are biodegradable and are therefore kinder to the environment.

Specialist packaging designers are always happy to be challenged to develop new and innovative packaging designs to catch the customer’s eye.

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