Great ideas for presentation packaging boxes

Creating a range of Presentation Packaging options for your products offers an excellent opportunity to showcase what your company has to offer.

When designed and manufactured properly, this can be used to engage the key audiences your brand wishes to reach whilst developing a lasting affiliation with your product.

Here we look at a few options to consider when creating presentation packaging boxes that can really help to promote your brand and products.

Elevate your brand

Presentation packaging is best used as a method of endorsing your brand in a new and interesting way, giving value to the customer and a generating brand recognition. This can be achieved by making your branding and colouring prominent within the design and showcasing of your products.

Limited editions

Creating presentation packaging that is only available in limited supply or to mark special occasions is a great way to build engagement and heighten demand. This offers customers the chance to buy something unique and a sense of getting something special as a reward for being loyal to a brand.

Experimental design

As a solution that is likely to be produced seasonally or as a one-off, presentation packaging offers plenty of scope for trying something new and exciting. So be willing to explore new design approaches that will stand out from the crowd and really impress your audience.

New material

As there are no real rules for how presentation packaging should be presented, using different materials from those you usually use can increase interest. For example, using softer or finer materials for outer and internal packaging can present a more luxurious look and feel.

Give something extra

Along with providing the perfect showcase for your products, presentation packaging also offers a great opportunity to offer a branded free gift to the consumer that adds special value. Surprise items such as mugs, toys or stationery are always a welcome extra and help to build brand loyalty.

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