Bespoke Cardboard Packaging: Why Being Different Matters

With so much competition in modern industries, there is a demand for more creativity. To create brand appeal above competitors, you need to be different, but it all starts way before the product itself, with your bespoke cardboard packaging.

Here are three key reasons being different matters and what your brand can gain from bespoke packaging:

Competitive Edge

Business is all about getting ahead of the competition. Therefore, identifying your brand’s unique selling point before even thinking about design is so important. Assess your product to see what you have to offer which others don’t. Evaluate competitor businesses to see what they are failing at, which you could do better and then use this as the centre of your product packaging, to tell shoppers exactly why they should choose your brand.

This will help your brand to gain a competitive edge and to attract new customers.


When browsing store aisles, product packaging is the first thing shoppers will see. It is also the only guidance shoppers will have on your product, without being able to try it first.

When there are so many choices on offer, your product can easily get lost in it all. However, bespoke cardboard packaging offers you the opportunity to do something different and find a way to spotlight your product over competitors. With an understanding of shopper psychology, you can identify how to appeal to your audience while differentiating from competitors. Whether it’s by colour, anchor text or a purchase initiative, work alongside our designers to see how you can do something different.

Customer Interaction

With so many new advancements in technology, it is time to adapt. Standard carboard packaging is no longer acceptable, as it won’t excite a modern audience. QR codes, discount codes, Instagram-worthy designs and freebies are what it is all about.

Not only will these changes be more appealing to modern consumers, they can help with marketing campaigns. QR codes can direct smartphone users to landing pages, hashtags can start an online conversation and discount codes can encourage customer loyalty.

Getting Started with Bespoke Cardboard Packaging

At The Packaging Experts, we have worked with clients from a variety of industries, all with their own objectives. Our talented team of specialist packaging designers can help you to plan, design and create your bespoke cardboard packaging.

Even with the most creative of ideas, we aim to deliver. In the past we have worked with clients who have incorporated video screens, sound chips, scented print and unordinary packaging materials to name a few. To get started on your next project, complete our enquiry form to get in touch.

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