How Does Branding and Packaging Influence our Trust in a Product?

With the rise of digital giving consumers the opportunity to speedily and easily make known their views on brands, products and services, it’s ever more important that companies stay relevant to the wants and needs of their target audiences, with branding and packaging that maintains trust.

Creating trust in a product or brand is so important, as making that initial positive impression on the customer invites you to build a more personal relationship with them up to the purchase and form continued loyalty or advocacy. However, earning and maintaining trust is a difficult task, with the many competitors out there and the ease with which opinions can be influenced. That’s why businesses are looking to market themselves with effective branding and packaging that will set them apart and improve customer engagement. But how can branding and packaging increase our trust in a product for a meaningful long-term customer gain?

The idea that ‘consumers are the new marketers’ is becoming increasingly apparent; social media allows customers to review products and instantly influence others’ purchasing decisions and their ideas about brands. Consumers also have more say in how a product is made and marketed, which can restrict businesses in their approach to product marketing and packaging. A recent infographic from Adweek looking at how branding and packaging affects the way we trust food, shows just how engaged consumers are in choosing what products to buy and what brands to buy them from. The study found that:

  • 42% look for specific trustworthy claims
  • 78% buy from brands they know
  • 76% check the ingredients
  • 51% check where the food comes from

Effective branding and packaging is not just about creating immediate visual impact anymore – consumers are more informed about their needs and how a chosen product can meet them. The quality of a brand and its trustworthiness is a major factor compelling people to buy and sustain a long term relationship with a company. Product packaging does need to initially engage interest as part of a cohesive branding strategy, however it needs to clearly inform target audiences of your place in the industry and why your product is special. People favour transparency, so that they can quickly decide whether a product or brand is right for them and support them without concern.

There are a number of ways branding and packaging can influence trust in a product, whether it establishes a heritage and esteem, generates a social following or promotional activity, displays positive customer reviews, or emphasises ethical manufacture and safety. For any brand looking to enhance their exposure and uptake through customer trust, clearly defining your brand purpose and goals will enable you to create packaging that consistently addresses people’s needs and positively influences their interactions. It’s equally crucial to continue to adapt to evolving attitudes and behaviours by involving target customers in the branding and packaging process. This way customers can help you market new products, packaging and marketing that truly attracts them and earn their trust in your brand.

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