How Online Ordering Services are transforming Retail Packaging

Over recent years we have all become comfortable and confident with online shopping. Because of this there has been an enormous increase in the number of online purchases we make (the UK particularly has a very mature e-commerce sector). What has also changed has been the way we make our purchases. Many of us for example, now look to buy a gift for others online that can be posted directly to the recipient, beautifully packaged as the “end product”. So with online ordering, the retail packaging often needs to be robust, safe and secure, but also eye catching, bold and memorable.

In addition, the UK has also followed in the footsteps of the US with an increase in the use of subscription box services. Aimed at the “time poor”, the range of products provided in this way to customers has proliferated. From snacks, to clothing essentials, books to drinks, many of us are hooked on subscription services for ourselves, or as an ideal gift option for others. It seems the excitement of having a small but perfectly formed parcel arrive on a regular basis is something most of us enjoy and as online shopping increases this trend is only set to continue.

Here at The Packaging Experts we have been providing eye catching packaging to meet the widening demand in online shopping cartons. Our success with this has partly been as a result of using different printing techniques. With some of our clients such as Sanitary Owl Ltd and Tipsy Wight we have used a method called Flexographic printing. The advantage of this process is that it can be used with any kind of substrate so it is ideal for a full range of packaging types such as metallic films, plastic, cellophane and paper. The process is fast, simple and cost effective – flexible printing plates made of rubber or plastic and with a slightly raised image on them, are inked and rotated on a cylinder, which then transfers the image onto the substrate and dries quickly.

As the online market diversifies, so the packaging required needs to be innovative and dependable. If you are looking for packaging that suits the online shopping experience, then we can help. Call The Packaging Experts today on 01356 352415 or email us at for further information.


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