How to Make the Right First Impression with Your Presentation Packaging

In life, first impressions count and it is no different when it comes to marketing your products. How you choose to present your product to your target audience is key to getting this first impression right. It doesn’t matter how great your product is, if the consumer can’t get past the packaging.

So how can you ensure you make the best impression?

Match the packaging to the product

If you want to attract the right consumers to your product you need to ensure the packaging conveys the right information. For example, if you have a luxury product you’ll want to ensure your packaging represents that, perhaps making use of thermography or foil blocking to give it that ‘exclusive’ look.

Know where it will be used

The size, shape and material used for your presentation packaging ought to be dictated in part by where it is going to be used. Questions that you may need to ask yourself at the start of the packaging design process may include:

  • Will it need to be sent in the post?
  • Will the item be stacked on a shelf?
  • Will the item be handed out at an exhibition or event?
  • Will it be need to be stored?

Items that arrive squashed in the post because you didn’t think about the size of a letterbox, or packaging that features its best information on the sides of the box which cannot be seen when stacked on a shelf, are good examples of poorly thought out packaging design.

Keep your brand consistent

Even though you might be appealing to a new target market and want to make a good first impression with your packaging, it is still a good idea to maintain consistency in your branding. Those who have come to know and be loyal to your brand will appreciate being able to pick your product out from the crowd, whereas new audiences who have heard the name before can associate the product with any previous positive encounters they have had with your brand.

Key items to consider to ensure brand consistency might include:

  • Size and position of the logo
  • Corporate colours
  • Materials used for packaging
  • Shape of packaging

One of the best ways to ensure you are on track with your presentation packaging design is to order prototypes – this takes the design process to the next level by delivering a tangible item that you can test out and could help you make the ultimate decision between one design and another.

If you need help making the right first impression with your packaging or would like to find out more about ordering prototypes please contact The Packaging Experts today on 01256 352415.

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