Packaging Design Tips to make your Products Fly off the Shelf

Whether you are creating packaging for a new retail product, or need something to make your product stand out from the crowd at an event or exhibition, getting the design elements right can make the difference between success and failure.

Great packaging design should feature the following:

  • Your story, in short – who you are and what your brand stands for.
  • Response trigger – happiness, excitement, mischief or a sense of the unknown – whatever is most appropriate to your brand.
  • Call to Action – just as on your website you want to encourage people to click through, call you or fill in a form. Your product packaging should feature a reason for people to believe in your proposition, and take the desired action.
  • Brand representation – whether you brand stands for luxury or value for money, tradition or innovation, this needs to be conveyed in your packaging.
  • Strong visuals and wording – something that will separate you from other items on the shelf, or make your packaging stand on when on display.

What do you need to consider then, in order to get these 5 elements working for you and give your products the best chance of flying off the shelf?

There are many considerations when designing your packaging, but here are the ones that we think will make the biggest contribution to your impact and success:


When deciding what colours to feature on your packaging, it might sound obvious but your corporate colour scheme is probably the number one choice. This would work particularly well if people have come to associate those colours with your brand. There are however, different tactics that you can employ if you need to trigger a specific emotional response in your audience. For example, using the colour red would encourage energy and excitement – or blue if you want to evoke feelings of calm and trust.


When it comes to the shape of your packaging you’d be amazed at what our cardboard engineers can create. You will need to get that balance just right, between making your product stand out and ensuring it is practical in terms of storage, transport and display.


Your company logo is the first thing that your prospective audience will recognise you by, so it makes sense to feature it prominently on your packaging. You will need to think about how the product will be displayed or viewed, to determine where the logo should be placed on the packaging.

Of course, not all brands will feature their logo on their packaging design. If your brand and colour scheme speak for themselves a logo is not always necessary – though many small brands won’t have this market recognition. So if in doubt, make your logo the first thing you add to your design.


Straplines or taglines are used to reinforce your brand. They usually consist of a slogan or line of text that sums up what your brand can offer. If you feel your logo or colour scheme are not strong enough in their own right, then you may want to include a tagline when designing your packaging.

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