How will the latest packaging trends affect your choice of packaging design?

When it comes to designing the packaging for your product, it pays to stay on top of the latest trends so you can align your brand with what people are currently looking for.  From recyclable materials, to less is more, there are always trends in packaging, but it is how you interpret them in your own packaging design that will make your brand and product stand out.

So, what can we expect from packaging for the rest of 2019 and beyond?  Here we explain the latest trends as predicted by Mintel:

Making the connection

Increasingly, we are seeing more crossover from the world of print and design, and the virtual, online world.  People want to be able to engage with a product or brand beyond the product itself, and anything that your packaging can do to facilitate this connection will help. Adding QR codes or radio frequency ID to your packaging are just two ways to bring the physical and virtual together.

Being transparent on recycling

Whilst many brands are claiming to use 100% recycled materials, there may still be some confusion over how accurate these claims are, and just how green the supply chain is. Going forward, there is an expectation that transparency over recycling will improve, and that with the growing availability of recycling services, people will be demanding more high-quality recycled materials.  This could play well into the hands of brands that are already using recycled materials, or who want to exhibit their green credentials by using recyclable packaging such as cardboard.  Just don’t forget to showcase your commitment on your packaging!

The beauty in the box

With the growth in ecommerce set to continue, designers are having to think not so much outside the box but inside it.  With multiple layers of packaging often needed to send items in the post, it’s not what’s on the outside that counts but the unboxing experience itself.  So, if you’re designing outer packaging for your product, think about how it will look when being discovered inside an outer protective packaging box or sleeve, rather than how it will look on a shelf.

Waving goodbye to plastic

It’s something that we speak about a lot, but being pioneers of cardboard, it’s a topic that we are passionate about because cardboard can be easily recycled, unlike a lot of the plastic that is currently clogging landfill sites and polluting the seas. Some supermarkets are trialling plastic free packaging, but there is also a growing acceptance that it is impossible to be entirely plastic free and that in some cases it does offer some benefits. When designing your packaging then, it helps to show where you sit on the plastic debate so people can make their own choices.

How can The Packaging Experts help?

At The Packaging Experts, we’ve got a wealth of experience in the packaging industry and can advise you on the many options available to you to keep your packaging on trend.  To find out more about our creative design and cardboard engineering capabilities, please contact us on 01256 352415, or click here to send us a message.

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