Membership Packaging – How Packaging Helps You Build Loyalty

Membership schemes make for a brilliant opportunity to build a more personal, long-term relationship with customers and set your business apart from competitors. However, your members will need something in return from you, an added-value experience that they feel will benefit them and warrant their investment as a member. Creating bespoke packaging for membership products can be a cost-effective and unique way to deliver this added-value experience, essential for building a trustful and loyal relationship with your customers. Not only can membership packaging help maintain prolonged customer engagements, it also acts as a marketing tool to instantly present your identity and message as a brand.

Identifying with your customers

Your members need to feel special, therefore your packaging needs to make them feel exclusive – part of the club. That’s why the packaging they receive for their membership merchandise or promotions is so important, as it shows that you take value them as customers. Along with directly promoting your brand in a physical, highly visual way, packaging can also help form an emotional attachment and a more purposeful experience with your business.

An engaging packaging design that lets members feel as though they are being rewarded, is also an effective way to market to others. Making a highly desirable, appealing package will intrigue others to see ‘what’s-in-the-box’ and what they can get from a membership, especially if people they know have received a members item. Word of mouth marketing is the strongest asset, so investing in packaging that will create more interest in your brand and drive customer loyalty, could create new opportunities in the process.

Building your brand authority

What do members associate with your brand and what does it mean to them? Considering what has lead them to your brand and becoming a member, as well as what you want to achieve through your membership strategy, will be key to making sure the look, feel and function of the packaging resonates with your products or services, your main brand goals and the customer.

We recently worked on a Luxury Promotional Packaging project for Berkeley Travel, looking to improve member relations whilst reflecting their high level standards and exclusivity. With select corporate and leisure clients, Berkeley Travel needed membership packaging that would display their luxury approach and high value services. We therefore opted for a simple yet clever black box design that featured a printed film window, patterned with their logo. The ‘tinted-glass’ like panel makes the content inside seem more exclusive and valuable, whilst the quality, luxury appeal resonates with their clients and what they hope to offer to their members.

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