Small Business Guide to Creating Great Product Packaging

With small businesses wanting to establish their name within a larger industry, marketing is key. However, when developing your marketing strategies, it is important to remember quality over quantity. This will help to deliver more meaningful, data driven, customer focused campaigns.

Product packaging teaches us to do one thing we were always told not to: judge a book by it’s cover. However, great product packaging has the capacity to say so much about your brand. Packaging can captivate an audience, direct them to online landing pages, encourage engagement and generate repeat business.

With strategic planning and creative designs, your product packaging can reflect who you are as a brand and the care your provide with your products and services.

To get you started, here is our small business guide to creating great product packaging.

Target Market

Before looking into any form of design work, you need to establish your target market. As well as their demographics, consider what colours capture their attention, their hobbies and possible influencers to work with. Once identified, each element of your design should resonate with this target audience.

Minimise Waste

Resource waste, financial waste and time wasting should all be minimised in your product packaging. Do not clutter your packaging with irrelevant extras which are unlikely to deliver ROI. Keep your packaging straight forward, with just the essentials. Focus on the design and not how many leaflets you can fill a box with.

Be Creative

To stand out against the competition, you should literally be thinking outside the box. Consider your materials, textures, patterns, fonts and even scents. At The Packaging Experts we have installed miniature screens, astroturf, lights, speakers and thermochromic heat reveal prints for past projects.

Unboxing Experience

With the anticipation of waiting for a parcel to be delivered, you want to create an enjoyable unboxing experience which will make your brand memorable. Making your product packaging functional and reusable, or including free tester products and discounts, can increase product value.

Unboxing has also become a popular social media phenomenon, with many influencers filming their unboxing experiences. This will promote your product packaging to a much larger audience.

Product Packaging for Small Businesses

At The Packaging Experts we specialise in the design, production, sales and marketing of product packaging. We have helped clients from a variety of industries to create creative, customer focused packaging. With a wide range of packaging to choose from, enquire today on 01256 352415.

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