5 Reasons Why Your Brand Deserves Bespoke Packaging

More businesses are beginning to see the value behind bespoke packaging, to enhance their marketing and customer experiences. With innovative packaging designs, you can reflect your brand in a way that the product inside cannot. Say goodbye to the days of standard brown boxes and read our top 5 reasons why your brand deserves bespoke packaging.

First Impressions

With many people due to start their Christmas shopping, the build up to having your parcel delivered can be exciting. Waiting for it to arrive so you can check that it is the perfect gift for a loved one. Therefore, create a great first impression of your product, starting with the packaging.

Bespoke packaging will allow you to creatively express your brand, in a way that enhances customer experience and showcases your brand. Therefore, consider the textures, materials, colours and small extras you can incorporate. These minor details can have a huge impact on the overall design and how it is perceived by your customers.

Product Value

Customers expect to receive a certain level of value with their purchases. Therefore, enhance your product with designs that explore different colours, textures, shapes, imagery and functionalities. As well as your product, consider adding promotional flyers or tester products. Also think how your packaging can be multi-functional, to serve a greater purpose than just delivery packaging.

Literally think outside of the box to create something packed with the “wow” factor.

Less Damages

As well as decorating your parcel, bespoke packaging also focuses on the shape and size. Creating packaging of a more accurate size can help to reduce damage during delivery. Certain products could also be packed into letterbox packaging for more convenient delivery.

Social Media

In the age of social media, creative bespoke packaging has a better chance of being featured online. See your packaging feature in haul videos, blogs and Instagram posts with the right design. Create something fun and quirky that will work well at sparking conversation.

In addition to graphics, consider adding hashtags and social media competitions to your packaging.

Brand Awareness

With all of the above combined, bespoke packaging can be effective for brand awareness. Therefore, it is important to strategically plan your design, with influence from your current branding and company values. This will help to ensure that your brand is reflected in a way that is positive, accurate and memorable.

Enquire for Bespoke Packaging

At The Packaging Experts our specialist team are here to help you each step of the way with your bespoke packaging. From design to manufacturing, we can provide design and technical advice to your team. If you’re interested, request your quote today or call 01256 352415 for more information.

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